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Receive consistent, pertinent, assistive cross platform push notifications comprised of material concerning the realms of harassment and discrimination.


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HarassmentLaw incorporates an extensive array of readily accessible, detailed statutes and regulations for the purpose of intimately familiarizing users with pertinent material.


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arassmentLaw offers employees and employers a full service application of employment-related tools aimed at preventing the occurrence of sexual harassment and discrimination. Furthermore, the attorneys at HarassmentLaw can certainly assist when greater action is required. As employees and employers may require immediate attorney communication, on account of a sudden, uncomfortable occurrence (regardless of the time of day or night), HarassmentLaw provides it. We look forward to hearing from you.


Harassment Incidents


Throughout 2015, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 28,000 employment harassment claims amidst private and public realms. Approximately forty-five percent of said claims involved sexual based offenses.


Numerous Distressed


Research accomplished via the EEOC relays disturbing conclusions. Approximately one in four women experience sexual harassment within professional settings, an exceedingly high percentage.


Recounting Circumstance


Approximately ninety percent of harassed employees forgo submitting complaints for an astronomical seventy-five percent of victims whom appropriately report, encounter some semblance of retaliation.


Significant Compensation


Thorough investigation conducted via the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission displays that harassment victims in 2015 acquired considerable compensation, greater than 164 million dollars in total.

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