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It appears HarassmentLaw represents employers and employees. Why?

Creator and CVO Marc Garbar, Esq., believes it is vitally important to have a finger on the pulse of both sides of the aisle. “Staying engaged with both the employee and employer spheres keeps the attorneys at HarassmentLaw sharp and on the cutting edge of new developments on either end. As a result, if/when litigation arises, we are two steps ahead of any strategic planning which may be occurring by attorneys representing the other party.”



What does “immediate attorney access” mean?

Great question. The genesis of the launching of the HarassmentLaw app occurred on account of one too many stories, which typically included a woman on a business trip with her male boss, and having that moment, late in the evening, following team drinks, when an invitation to “join” him in a hotel room was tendered. What to do, what not to do, spins in the woman’s mind. “If I do, what are the ramifications?” “If I don’t, would I get fired?” When time does not allow for a lengthy search for information on the web, HarassmentLaw provides telephone communication with an attorney. Following a couple of preliminary questions via a live switchboard, HarassmentLaw will place you in touch with an attorney, regardless of the time, who will ask the necessary pointed questions to determine if HarassmentLaw can help. If the matter is serious, and merits the police as opposed to an attorney, please do not call HarassmentLaw. Your first call should be to 911.



At what point does an attorney at HarassmentLaw become my attorney?

Not until a written retainer agreement is signed by you and an attorney. Until then, any information provided by one or more of our attorneys is not legal advice, nor is any of the information provided on the many screens in the app or on the website. It is information only – not legal advice. With that said, once a retainer agreement is signed, the attorney-client relationship is created and any information and advice discussed between you and one or more of our attorneys is generally considered privileged.



In what States can one of your lawyers help me?

Currently, we are limiting our reach to matters in New Jersey and New York, as that is where our offices are located and our attorneys practice. With that said, we can discuss with you the possibility of outside the region representation if we believe the matter is appropriate for such an exception.



Does your app offer more than just a phone call?

Absolutely! Please explore the various pages on the app, as well as on this website to obtain significant information and helpful tips, for both the employee and employer.

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