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Marc W. Garbar is a litigation attorney, with a significant focus in the employment law sphere. In addition to assisting, and litigating on behalf of, executive-level employees in their pursuit of vindication of their employment related claims, Marc counsels corporations in the prevention of adverse employment issues, defends corporations against futile claims, assists in the formulation and implementation of employment policies as well as in the preparation of employment handbooks. From 2008 through 2011, Marc served as lead attorney as Special Counsel representing the State of New Jersey for Labor Negotiations matters. Admitted to the bars of New York (1995), New Jersey (1996) and Florida (1997), Marc engages in litigation in State and Federal courts, focusing on employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, restrictive covenant litigation, business law matters, commercial litigation, securities violations and contract negotiation. Marc is also designated by the New Jersey Courts as a Court-approved mediator throughout the State.

As highlighted in his CV below, Marc had a number of his works published by the New Jersey Law Journal. Since 2015, Marc has been the featured speaker at the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Legal Clinic, located in New York, during which, on a quarterly basis, and with one or two other attorneys, Marc educates small businesses throughout New York and New Jersey on employment law related topics, primarily the avoidance of sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace. Marc also provides seminars to business groups, various societies and medical professionals. Marc has appeared as a legal commentator on multiple news broadcasts.

Daniel D.


When the company where I worked as a highly respected professional for over 30 years sought to replace me with a much younger person from the company’s foreign based headquarters, I sought Marc Garbar’s services to protect my rights. His guidance and results oriented approach helped me secure a settlement that provided my family financial security and enabled me to move on with dignity and continue in my professional career.

Kathleen C.


In 2009, I hired Marc to defend and represent me at an administrative hearing for charges that were lodged against me by management at my place of employment. Marc patiently listened and methodically uncovered the truth. His command of the facts of the case were amazingly apparent during the two day hearing. Marc gave an extensive closing argument that mapped out exactly what happened, who said what and in perfect sequence, all without notes or a prepared script. Marc successfully proved my innocence and all charges against me were dismissed. I have referred Marc to fellow coworkers and friends on at least 4 occasions and I highly recommend him to represent employees with work related problems.

Ann T.


I contacted Marc Garbar for legal guidance following the repeated harassment by an executive at my place of employment. I feared my career was in jeopardy and I would be retaliated against by not only the executive for refusing his sexual advances, but also by the company to protect its reputation. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation and because I worked for an extremely large company with a team of corporate attorneys at its disposal, I struggled with the decision of pursuing legal action or staying quiet and hoping that the harassment would stop. When the sexual overtures intensified, I knew I had to seek legal advice for my own protection. I initially met with a different attorney at a large firm who said I was probably encouraging the executive’s behavior and was then charged $500 for a consultation that lasted less than 30 minutes. I was discouraged, my personal life was suffering and it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to concentrate at work. Right before I thought my only alternative was to resign from the company without another position, a friend recommended that I call Marc. I was apprehensive at first due to my prior lawyer meeting, but within minutes of meeting Marc I was confident that I found the right attorney. Marc listened intently to my concerns, spoke to me in a non-judgmental manner and succinctly presented all of my options. I soon realized that in order to protect my career and professional reputation, I needed to partner with Marc Garbar. Marc expeditiously pursued my case with the highest level of expertise, professionalism and integrity. He was available during non-traditional business hours; promptly returned my phone calls and emails and updated me on every development in real-time. He clearly articulated the legal process with the clarity and straightforwardness I needed to make informed decisions. While the company’s lawyers were confrontational and aggressive, Marc conducted himself with the utmost professionalism by remaining consistently calm, polite and respectful. He treated me with compassion and understanding; never losing confidence in me or my case. Due to his tenacity, exceptional negotiating skills and deep knowledge of employment law, I received a settlement that was beyond my expectations and I regained the dignity and self-esteem that I almost lost. Pursuing legal action for sexual harassment is an immensely personal decision because it can be a complicated, stressful and emotionally draining experience. It is imperative to retain an attorney who is trustworthy, discreet and committed to their client’s best interests. Marc exemplifies all of these characteristics, which is why I recommend him emphatically and without reservation. Not only did he achieve a successful outcome for me, but he was also a great source of strength. I have the utmost confidence in him and his ability to exceed the expectations of his current and future clients.

Adam M.


As a growing business that's hiring new people every year, it was essential to have a corporate foundation put into place. Marc Garbar helped set my company up for exponential growth in a way that left me feeling protected. When issues do arise, it's always stressful. That's where Marc has always been most helpful. He was a calm and firm voice that let me focus on my business because I knew he was on top of everything else. During the times where he was called upon, the situation was always resolved better and faster than I ever would have expected! My simple advice is this, go with Marc and don't look back.

Gabrielle J.


When I first called Marc Garbar, I was scared about the future of my career and what to do. Marc immediately put my mind at ease. He's a brilliant attorney who thinks strategically and worked with me when I needed him to but also took control of my case when it was appropriate. The outcome was better than I ever imagined. Throughout my whole case, I kept thinking how glad I was that Marc was on MY side. THAT IS what you want in an attorney! I recommend Marc Garbar to anyone who is even considering taking legal action against an employer.

Doug S.


Receiving a demand letter from former employees is one of the scariest things I have had to deal with as a business owner. Unfortunately I was involved in a class action and workers compensation lawsuit simultaneously. I felt alone and thought everything I worked so hard for could come crashing down. Luckily I had the right lawyer to help me. Marc Garbar was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. His relaxed, professional attitude and demeanor made me feel comfortable. Being someone who had never been through a lawsuit, Marc was the perfect fit for me. My nerves were calmed and the process was always thoroughly explained. I always knew where I stood in my case. He gave me the impression that he is a lawyer who can handle simple cases along with the extremely complex ones and keep his client level headed throughout the whole process. You are in good hands if you select Marc Garbar as your lawyer.

Kenneth H.


Our company has used Marc multiple time over the past 15 years – each time with success. Marc addressed issues such as former employers threatening both the employees that joined our company and our company directly, employee harassment claims and employee termination issues. Each time Marc exhibited deep expertise and acute focus. Marc took aggressive positions that not only protected our company but often struck back at the litigating parties. I will continue to use Marc for our employment based legal matters – and I highly recommend him to anyone else who is looking for a knowledgeable, responsive and highly capable attorney in that field.

Philip L.


Our company has used Marc for a number of complex labor issues over the years. Marc is very responsive and brings an expertise, focus and finesse to each situation. He is aggressive when it’s warranted but always remains open to resolution of a matter. Marc has always produced a more than satisfactory result. I highly recommend Marc and I will continue to go to him for his sage advice and counseling on any employment related matters.



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